Audition Information

Auditions for the upcoming year ICC choir and "CenterStage" will take place on May 3rd starting at 3:00 pm in the Fine Arts building.  Vocal auditions will be held in the choir room located in the Fine Arts Music wing on the Fulton Campus.  Students will perform a prepared song of their choice, vocalize on various scales and sight read.  Students who are interested in auditioning for "CenterStage" must also audition and be accepted into choir.  At 5:00 pm an impromptu session will be held to teach choreography following the vocal audition for "CenterStage" after being accepted by choir audition. 

Instrumentalist interested in auditioning for the "CenterStage" band will need to have a short prepared selection and be ready to demonstrate any improvising skills you may have.  Students will also sight read.  Percussionist will play along with an accompaniment track that will represent three different styles of music: rock, ballad and swing.  These auditions will be held in the band hall located in the music wing of the Fine Arts building on the Fulton campus.  A sign in list will be posted on the band hall door.

If you have any questions concerning the audition, please contact Mrs. Davis (662.862.8306) or Mrs. Christy Colburn (662.862.8302).

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