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OneAccount: A Bank Account Designed For Students

By selecting an Easy Refund to the OneAccount, your HigherOne Card (ICC Choice Card) becomes a powerful Debit MasterCard ® accepted at millions of locations worldwide. Your OneAccount combines the convenience of a universally accepted debit card with the budgeting control of a checking account - minimizing the need to carry cash. The OneAccount is provided to you with no monthly fee and no minimum balance requirements.

Other great features include:

  Faster and Easier Access To Your Money
With the Direct Deposit and e-check features, payments and deposits are received almost instantaneously.
  24-Hour Online Banking
The Higher OneAccount gives you the tools to do all your banking online anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  Direct Deposit of College Refunds
With the OneAccount, you'll receive refunds electronically via direct deposit and get your money in the fastest way possible!
  Send Money
With Higher One's Send Money feature, family and friends can send money directly to your OneAccount for FREE. It's not only easy but faster and more secure than sending money through the mail!
  Customer Service
Questions about your OneAccount? You can call our Customer Care area or access EasyHelp for easy online assistance.
With OneRewards, you'll earn cash back and discounts for simply using your OneCard for purchases through our exclusive links.
  Get Cash On-Campus and Off-Campus
With Debit MasterCard spending power, you won't need cash often - but if you do, getting it is quick and easy through our free Higher One ATMs.
  Financial Literacy Tools
Higher One is committed to educating you on how to gain better control of your finances. As a result, your OneAccount is equipped with an array of online financial literacy tools for money management.

MasterCard ® Zero Liability
Higher One offers you peace of mind by providing MasterCard ® Zero Liability policy when you make signature based purchases with your Debit MasterCard. Zero Liability means you are eligible for protection against fraudulent purchases made with your card. Be sure to always safeguard your card and report the theft promptly. Learn more about the terms and details of the Zero Liability policy provided by Higher One.

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